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Health Care Training Options at Barksdale

Barksdale Training School offers two training Courses

  • Home Health Aide Certification
  • Personal Care Aide Certification

Home Health Aide Certification

The Home Health Aide Training Program is a 3 week, 83 hour course. The classes will be 7 hours/day and include lunch and break. ( A 1 day, 8 hour internship in a hospital or Home Health
Agency is included and mandatory for Home Health Aide Students.)

Home Health Aides provide some basic health-related services such as, checking patients’ pulse rate, temperature, and respiration rate. They may also help with simple prescribed exercises, and assist with administering medications. Occasionally, they change simple dressings, give massages, provide skin care, or assist with braces and artificial limbs. They also keep records of services performed, and the clients’ condition and progress. They are responsible for reporting any changes in the clients’ condition to the supervisor or case manager. Job placement possibilities include work in private homes, hospice settings, home care agencies and non-profit organizations.

Personal Care Aides

The Personal Care Aide Training Program is a 2 week, 40 hour course. The classes will be 7 hours/day and include lunch and break.

Personal Care Aides – also called homemakers, caregivers, companions, and personal attendants – work for various public and private agencies that provide home care services. They may also be independent/self-employed contractors. Personal Care Aides are instructed on how to cook for a client, including those on special diets, and trained in basic housekeeping tasks. These housekeeping tasks may include making the bed, and keeping the home sanitary and safe for the client. Generally, they are taught how to respond to an emergency, and learn basic safety techniques.

Both the Home Health Aide and Personal Care Aide courses equip our students to be eligible to work immediately after completion. The students will be taught:

  • home care
  • working with clients
  • basic human needs
  • working with children
  • working with people with special needs
  • working with those with development issues
  • working with people with physical disabilities
  • all aspects of personal care and other health related tasks
  • working with the elderly
  • family budgeting
  • food and nutrition
  • safety and precautions
  • care of home and personal belongings
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